Milan Fashion Week : Frankie Morello : Fall 2010

OK, I admit it, I lost my breath when I saw the first runway shot. A) The boy is HOT B) I’ve always had a penchant for boys in skirts (stylistically, not sexually!). So, I was happy to see Frankie Morello doing the skirt thing. His collection is interesting, there are a few things off about it, but I think that’s the point. Morello has gone for football-thug chic –with a few skirts and studs thrown in for good measure– and it’s hot.

Morello throws it all into this collection; we’ve got puffa jackets, football tops and socks, bandanas, scarfs, leather, studs, boots, jackets and ties, striped jumpers, gloves. It’s a functional collection, and the mix n’ match element will translate well to retail, while the dark rebel look is a success conceptually next to more conservative Milan menswear shows.

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