Paris Mens Fashion Week : Blaak : RTW Fall 2010

Not pushing any boundaries, but still a strong collection, Blaak continued the black on black on grey theme of the week- albeit with a splash of bright tartan. Don't quite know what the giant crosses were about? A lame attempt at Gothic shock factor?

I can't help but feel this look has been done to death in the late 90s during the wave of deconstruction. I must admit though, I love this look. It's one of the best things that came out of the 90s. The likes of Comme, Demeulemeester, Margeila, Kawakubo and Nom*D have stayed true to deconstruction, and I think we are starting to it's comeback as people are tiring of the flashy 80s revival, and it's over-saturation in pop culture and High Street stores.

I think we'll be seeing more of deconstructions' asymmetric, wrapped, layered, distressed, frayed, slashed and unfinished look in the mainstream soon. Deconstruction has always been a staple of black-wearing fashion crowd, hopefully we don't see it on spotty 14-year-old H&M-wearing teens soon.

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