Alexander McQueen : A Complete Retrospective

I started following Alexander McQueen when I was just 16, when I came across runway shots of his first collection in an imported fashion magazine. I quickly handed over the $15 (that felt like a fortune then), but I knew it was worth it. I fell in love instantly. It was McQueen's approach to fashion that inspired me to go to fashion school.

McQueen showed me that fashion is more than just something to cover the body –  He showed me that fashion is art, fashion is a form of expression, fashion can shock, fashion can make people think, fashion can make people laugh, fashion is a performance, fashion can convey a message, fashion can be breath-takingly beautiful.

I hope you enjoy this retrospective of his collections from 1996 - 2010, as much as I enjoyed compling this.

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

F/W 1996

S/S 1996

S/S 1997

F/W 1997

S/S 1998

F/W 1998

S/S 1999

F/W 1999
S/S 2000

F/W 2000

S/S 2001

F/W 2001

S/S 2002

F/W 2002

S/S 2003

F/W 2003

S/S 2004

F/W 2004

S/S 2005

F/W 2005

S/S 2006

F/W 2006

S/S 2007

F/W 2007

S/S 2008

F/W 2008

S/S 2009

F/W 2009

S/S 2010       

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